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Are you a blogger who struggles with spelling and grammar? An ebook writer who needs help with formatting, syntax, and tone? Proofreading is my specialty. #proofreading, #editing, #bloggers, #ebook, #writers


Proofreading and/or editing is a necessity for all writers.

You want to make a difference in someone’s life with your words but without correct spelling, good grammar, punctuation, and clarity of thought, you risk diverting readers away from your worthwhile message or losing them altogether.

As a reader, typos are distracting. As a writer, it’s easy to miss your own mistakes because you’re too close to your own work.

You know what you meant to say, and your mind fills in the missing words and proper speech. But your readers can’t read your mind.

Having another set of eyes to comb through each word looking for errors, as well as to view the whole work for consistency in tone, smooth transitions from paragraph to paragraph, and well-organized ideas, will make a huge difference in your final product. Let me help.

Below are the pricing options available depending on what you need:



Editing Service Pricing Options



How This Works:

I use Google Docs for editing purposes.

If you have a Google account, paste your blog post (or any online project) in Google Docs from WordPress or whichever blogging platform you use or straight from your computer, and share it with me by clicking on the blue “share” button. When you enter my email address, I will get an email invitation to open it. Be sure the “can edit” tab on the pencil icon is turned on.

If you do NOT have a Google or Gmail account—no problem. Just send me your work via email link, and I will upload it into Google Docs myself. Then I will “share” it back to you when I’ve finished editing by either sending you an email file attachment in the format you choose (HTML, PDF, Rich text, or Microsoft Word), or a direct link from Google Docs.

When I edit, you have two choices. I can edit the document directly cleaning up errors as I go and send it back to you that way. Or I can make what is called “suggestions”. A word or phrase that needs editing is blocked in green brackets and I replace it with the correct spelling, grammar, word choice, etc. and you can click “accept” or “reject” on the suggestion box. If I need to further explain an editing decision, I highlight the area and use their comment box for you to read.

If you ask for direct editing and I discover whole paragraphs that need heavy restructuring, I will give you my opinion as to what is needed for better clarity but I won’t arbitrarily rewrite passages without your approval.

I would prefer that you send me your work PRIOR to your payment for service so that I may assess whether or not there will be any problems in completing the work for any reason.

If you have any questions or concerns about your editing needs that have not been addressed here, contact me at and we’ll figure out how best I can serve you.


Terms and Conditions

Barring power outages, internet disruptions, sickness, or sudden family obligations, once I receive your payment, I will complete blog edits of up to 1500 words within 24 hours. Larger works will take longer but will be just as timely. I should be able to edit 5-8 standard pages per day, God willing, depending upon what life brings me that day.

It is my sole intent to serve you to the best of my abilities. However, I will in no way be held responsible for any losses or damages that you may claim by using Desert Rain Editing. For complete Terms and Conditions related to this site and the service it provides, please read the full page here. Thank you.



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