A Husband for Our Own Good: Christian Wife 101

We know what we want in a man when we’re young. Yet, we don’t have a clue what we need. An all-consuming fantasy fills our minds of what this man will do for us. He’ll rescue us from boredom, vanquish our loneliness, and whisk us weightless in his arms toward that multicolor sunset. He’ll be the key ...

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The Bittersweet Melody

We are all crying our free-will offerings to a faithful God as the bittersweet melody of our life moves us to tears. We are all chasing the laughter that echoes off fleshly corridors, but every extension of our reach brings tears: overjoy and devastation all lead to the ...

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The Secret Was in Her Smile

I came across a picture years ago of a Christian woman living in a refugee camp in Myanmar (formerly Burma). She was squatting on a dirt floor; the walls of her home empty canvas rice bags. Few possessions and no adornment could be seen. But amid the squalor, the picture captured something ...

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