Eve Had Everything

Eve had everything a woman could ever need or want: food, comfort, beauty, companionship, purpose, even communion with God Himself. Yet, we read in Genesis 3 she was subtly manipulated by Satan into desiring even more. And what more was left? Knowledge, Power, To be like God, To be ...

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The Light Fades Sooner Each Night

Autumn in the Desert Southwest is a time for exhalation. The incessant summer heat has passed—and we have survived. We have been transported through a window of favor. There is sunshine to smile at not hide from. The Rock Wren's bounce shouts joy while the Mourning Doves careen on breezes that ...

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What I Deserve

My old stove was a marvel of dysfunction. Only three of the four burners worked right, the broiler drawer got stuck, and the oven door's left hinge was broken. Not to mention the thermostat never functioned properly—forget making anything needing 325 degrees.   I really wanted a new ...

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