What About Him? A Wifely Lament

The world touts marriage as a 50/50 contract with each partner giving half and meeting in the middle. Splitting household tasks and separating bank accounts is the norm. Each spouse expects the other one to do their fair share of the physical and relational work of the marriage or the deal is off.

But God says no.

Marriage is a covenant bond where each one gives 100% more than the other deserves because that’s what Christ did for us.

We know this to be true, but the actual doing of it goes against our natural, carnal instincts. We want our husbands to be strong emotionally, grow spiritually, and make our lives easier. And if this isn’t happening fast enough for us, we certainly don’t want to be the only one making personal sacrifices in our marriage.

We want a peaceful, Christ-centered marriage where we handle our differences with grace and forgiveness, but it seems so far away. What can we do?

When we see glaring selfishness, irresponsibility, and stubbornness in our men, the last thing we wives feel like doing is working on our own sins and leaving theirs for God to handle alone. . .


I’m honored to be a guest writer for Susan Nelson’s Woman of Noble Character.

Please continue reading why our marriages benefit when we wives make the first move toward grace and godly love here.


Abiding in the Vine, 

~ Gleniece

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