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Sober: KJV Bible Word Study Series

When you and I hear the word sober, we automatically think of alcohol intake, self-restraint, and a popular twelve-step program. But surprisingly, this word in our King James Bible has little to do with our…

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Meet: KJV Bible Word Study Series

A nib of a pen gliding on paper. A key that fits perfectly into its lock. Lenses that bring what is blurred into focus. Spiritual truth delivering hope. The one is meant for the other, you see….

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Succour: KJV Bible Word Study Series

There are quite a few women in the Bible to admire. Sarah, Deborah, Esther, Ruth. They each have godly qualities that we would do well to emulate. But my favorite woman is Phoebe, whom Paul…

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When Righteous Anger Descends to Carnal Wrath

America, this great nation, was founded upon Christianity and the Bible much to the consternation of the political Left.  The far-left Progressives and their Liberal ilk want nothing more than to see their beloved ideology…

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Strait: KJV Bible Word Study Series

I must tell you (and not without a little embarrassment) that for many years I thought “strait” was just a quaint, old-fashioned spelling for the word “straight” in the King James Bible. I saw these…

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