Strait: KJV Bible Word Study Series

I must tell you (and not without a little embarrassment) that for many years I thought “strait” was just a quaint, old-fashioned spelling for the word “straight” in the King James Bible. I saw these…

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Quit: KJV Bible Word Study Series

For those devoted to reading the KJV Bible, nothing quite compares to the majesty, poetic beauty, and accurate rendering of the original manuscripts as the King James does. But some passages give us pause and…

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Conversation: KJV Bible Word Study Series

When we see the word “conversation”, we automatically know what it means, right? Speech, talking to each other, verbal exchange of thoughts and ideas. But the twenty times the King James Version Bible uses this…

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The Peaceful Wife {a book review}

My early married years were far from peaceful. Unbeknownst to me at the time, my disrespect for my husband was the cause. I often thought that if only my husband would change A or stop…

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On a Faraway Outpost

What would you do if tomorrow you had no internet? How much does your phone, tablet, or computer define your life, and give you purpose? Remember the days before smartphones? Before traversing the globe was…

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