A Help Meet Like No Other: Christian Wife 101

Have you struggled as a wife looking at that proverbial glass’s vacant half without disdain? It’s a flaw I carried into my marriage and—whoa—did it clash with my husband’s chipper view. He’d be blessed wading in the half he chose to see while I tried to show him all that was missing. Despite his ...

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Why I Write Out the Word of God

I’m a woman who thrives on routine. I get a thrill of accomplishment as I forge ahead and get things done. But when it came to my Bible study, this full speed ahead approach lacked emotional/spiritual connection and relegated it to just one more thing I could check off my To-Do list. So for ...

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Exhort: KJV Bible Word Study Series

"Stand strong in the faith, my friends. Don't give up!" "Be careful who and what you listen to. Don't be fooled." "Life is hard, I know, but you'll get through this with God's help. He has promised!" "God will never leave you or forsake you; believe that, my dear."   To exhort is ...

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Sober: KJV Bible Word Study Series

When you and I hear the word sober, we automatically think of alcohol intake, self-restraint, and a popular twelve-step program. But surprisingly, this word in our King James Bible has little to do with our glasses of wine and more to do with our state of mind.     Welcome to ...

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Quick/Quicken: KJV Bible Word Study Series

Hollywood likes to sprinkle their scripts with Scripture now and then to appeal to a wider audience and appear culturally savvy. Rarely do they have a clue to the true meaning behind what they quote. The Quick and the Dead, a 1990s Western, is one such example. Its title infers that you had ...

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