Why I Write Out the Word of God

I’m a woman who thrives on routine. I get a thrill of accomplishment as I forge ahead and get things done.

But when it came to my Bible study, this full speed ahead approach lacked emotional/spiritual connection and relegated it to just one more thing I could check off my To-Do list.

So for years now, I’ve transitioned from a checklist mindset to a slower-paced intentional desire to learn about truth and love and the character of God and the righteousness of His word. Each time I reach for my cherished leather-bound book with its well-worn gilded edges, there’s an expectancy of comfort and guidance and knowledge instead of merely another task I felt proud to complete.

But before I settle down to read in the mornings, I get my husband off to work with a smile—this is my primary mission, after all. This is real-world practice of studying God’s word. But after the kiss goodbye and the wave from the window and before I start managing our homeschool, this is what I do:

I open my Bible and randomly start reading. Not what you expected, huh? But when I use the flip method (sounds so official, I know, but I just made that up), there’s always something useful and fitting I can apply to my life and immediate circumstances—unless I happen to land in the genealogies, then not so much :).

But lately, I’ve gone deeper in study. I  found that when I write out the Word. . .


I would love for you to join me as I talk about my new favorite method of bible study on Jana Carlson’s blog Wield the Word. 

About Gleniece

Writer/Editor at Desert Rain. Wife to Mighty Man. Homeschool mom, Bible study-er. Lover of wine and chocolate. Ever thankful for the gift that is Christ.


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  1. Jana says

    I’m thrilled to have you joining us for our Women Wielding The Word series, Gleniece! Thank you so much for sharing with us how writing out Scripture impacts you.

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